Monday, May 4, 2015

self hug

self hug   2015  silk thread hand embroidery

self hug   2015   vintage monogrammed linen pillow case, silk thread, hand embroidery
self hug 2015 and gathering myself 2009, feel better installation

exhibition record:
Both embroidered pillow cases were shown in the curated exhibition P0P FOLK Textiles at la galerie du nouvel ontario, Sudbury, Ontario, March 21 - April 18, 2015.  Sophie LeBlanc curator
They were part of Judy Martin's larger feel better installation which included 75 bundles and an interactive area where participants could wrap their own bundles.

the older piece, Gathering Myself 2009, has shown in exhibition twice in 2010.
Convergence at Tom Thomson gallery, Owen Sound Ontario
Be Safe My Love (solo exhibit)  Greenwood Quilt Gallery, Guelph, Ontario
A detail of Gathering Myself is on Judy's website.  click here.