Saturday, September 12, 2015

Cloud of Time

Cloud of Time
7.5 feet high x 9 feet wide
Artist Canvas, damask and silk fabrics, cotton embroidery floss, hand stitched
Part of the exhibition The Cloud In Me - October 2017 at David Kaye Gallery in Toronto Ontario Canada

This piece was reconfigured in 2017.
previously, the work had been a continuous strip.  It was exhibited as part of The Mended World exhibition in this earlier format.

Cloud of Time 2014
re-claimed linen damask and variety of blue fabrics
cotton floss, artist canvas, hand stitch    33 cm x 1806 cm   (13" x 711")

A measurement of one year of time.  (365 days)
One complete skein of embroidery floss is used to represent one day.
exhibition record:
2013  Mended World exhibition, Thunder Bay Art Gallery  September-October 2013
2014  Mended World exhibition, Art Gallery of Sudbury  January - February 2014
2015  Mended World exhibition, Homer Watson House and Gallery, May -June 2015
Studio photograph of Cloud of Time by Nick Dubecki, Sudbury
Gallery photograph of Cloud of Time reconfigured
installed at the David Kaye Gallery is by Frank Myers, Burlington

Cloud of Time will be exhibited twice more in its new configuration,
(photo of Judy Martin by Frank Myers)

at Mary E Black gallery in Halifax
as part of Cloth of Time exhibition with Penny Berens  July 13 - August 26 2018
at World of Threads festival in Oakville
in a solo exhibition   October 13 to November 25 2018

available for purchase: please contact David Kaye