Friday, February 17, 2017

My Light Green Heart

 My Light Green Heart    22.5" wide and 29" high  (57 x 74 cm ), 2017  old linen damask, procion dyes, cotton and wool threads,  Tucked, stitched and quilted by hand
how she submitted, 
loved her interior world
her interior wilderness
the primal forest inside her where among decayed tree trunks
her heart stood
light green

Rainer Maria Rilke
(using the female rather than male pronoun)

Craft Ontario 17
1106 Queen West Toronto

Perspectives From Here   Northwestern Ontario artists about Canada 150
Thunder Bay Art Gallery
Thunder Bay Ontario

January 11 to March 30
Quest Art High Craft Juried Exhibition
Midland Ontario
AWARD  (second place)

Perivale Gallery summer season, sold into to private collection