Friday, December 13, 2019

Sky With Many Moons

Sky With Many Moons   2019
lightweight single layer piece
indigo, wool, wilk, hand stitch
76" h x 110 " w or 193 x 280 cm
 "the moon is a cosmic symbol throughout every age,
from time immemorial to the present,
and common to every culture"
it is an "emblem of dreams and the Unconscious as properties of darkness"
these quotes from Dictionary of Symbols by Jean Chevalier and Alain Gheerbrant
studio photos by Nick Dubecki
nature photo by the artist

Thursday, November 7, 2019

How Much I Tried Not To Worry

How Much I Tried Not To Worry
Variety of Found Fabric, Acrylic Paint, Wool Thread
hand stitched, 39" x 39"

First exhibited at Judy Martin's one person exhibition
Beauty, Emotion, Spirit, Soul, at One Sky Gallery, Sudbury Ontario April 2019

second exhibition:  Craft Ontario 19, September 2019   award:  Best of North
Craft Ontario gallery, Queen Street West, Toronto Ontario

A companion piece entitled Beauty, Emotion, Spirit, Soul is similar but stitched with white
silk thread rather than black.  It sold out of the Sudbury exhibition into private collection.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

the sun, the moon, and also the stars

The Sun  side a
plant dyed velvet, cyanotype on cotton, wool threads
 The Sun side b
wool felt, acrylic paint, wool thread
stitched construction of separate collages
35.5 " high x 25.6 " wide
The moon side a
plant dyed velvet and flannel, wool thread
 The moon side b
wool felt, wool thread, a construction of separate stitched collages
35.8" h x 26" w
 And also the stars side a
Plant dyed velvet, men's silk ties, wool thread
reverse applique
And also the stars side b
wool felt with wool thread, hand stitch
33" h x 20" w

Exhibition story
These two sided pieces began as a daily practice January 1 2018 that ended when the artist ran out of wool felt.  (mid April 2018).   Throughout April and May they were stitched densely with black wool thread and the 'side b's were displayed as drawings in Cloth of Time, July and August 2018 at the Mary E Black gallery in Halifax Nova Scotia, a Two Person exhibition with Penny Berens.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Medicine Earth

 Medicine Earth 2019
59" h x 63" wide
side a: eco printed linen, white linen, black cotton, black wool thread, re-purposed wool blanket
hand stitched

Medicine Earth side b
Eco printed wool, re-purposed wool blanket, string, wool thread, hand stitched
59" h x 63 " w

a two -sided piece
another of the new works intended for the two-person show with Penny Berens and Judy Martin
Miranda Bouchard curator, Nick Dubecki photographs

Thursday, September 19, 2019

My Awakened Heart / Noble Tenderness

 My Awakened Heart  2019

cotton, sari silk, paint,  silk velvet, cotton threads
regular and reverse applique, couching, embroidery, hand quilted
55" h x 49.5" w
A two - sided piece
 Noble Tenderness 2019
wool, plant dyes, cotton threads, sari silk
entirely hand stitched
55" h x 49.5" w
Part of the body of work for the 2 person exhibition with 
Penny Berens and curated by Miranda Bouchard
photographs by Nick Dubecki

available through Guildworks, Bloomfield Ontario 

Monday, April 29, 2019

red catalogne

Red Catalogne
48" square when draped, 48 x 60" when extended
jounral paper, vintage damask table cloth, red cotton threads, hand stitching (couching)

The paper is stitched in horizontal rows, similar to the woven strips of used clothing in the French Canadian bed covers called catalognes.  Strips cut from journal pages filled with dreams, lists, thoughts, and phone call doodles were couched to a linen table cloth and form a safety blanket for the interior world.
Currently on view in Toronto at the Gladstone Hotel - 3rd and 4th floor corridors
part of Hard Twist 14:  Entwined curated by Chris Mitchell and Helena Frey
until January 2020

Thursday, January 24, 2019

DEAR EARTH (Fields of Brown Grass / Help me to Balance)

Fields of Brown Grass
Cotton  flannel, plant dyes, red button thread
90 inches x 66 inches, hand quilted
A two sided quilt.
The middle layer of this quilt is a pre-used cotton flannel sheet.
Help Me to Balance
Pre-used cotton flannel blanket, pre-used cotton hand towel, red button thread
90" x 66"  hand quilted
Premiered at the Toronto Design Festival 2019,
Included in the Housewarming exhibition at the Craft Ontario gallery, 1106 Queen West