Thursday, January 24, 2019

Fields of Brown Grass / Help me to Balance

Fields of Brown Grass
Cotton  flannel, plant dyes, red button thread
90 inches x 66 inches, hand quilted
A two sided quilt.
The middle layer of this quilt is a pre-used cotton flannel sheet.
Help Me to Balance
Pre-used cotton flannel blanket, pre-used cotton hand towel, red button thread
90" x 66"  hand quilted
Premiers at the Toronto Design Festival 2019
Part of the Housewarming exhibition at the Craft Ontario gallery, 1106 Queen West
January 19 - March 2 2019 

Monday, July 23, 2018


measurements:  66.5 inches high x 53 inches wide  (169 x 135 cm)
An original design inspired by the rural emptiness of the fields and sky of the artist's childhood and current daily surroundings.   The drawing (above) done with French knots refers to the blackbirds that circle over the quiet roads.  Bidwell Road connects Eastern Manitoulin to the centre of the Island.
Materials:  Cotton with bamboo batt
Techniques include pieced half square triangles, reverse applique, tucks, and hand embroidery.
Quilted by hand.

Exhibition Record:

October2017: The Cloud in Me exhibition, David Kaye Gallery,  Toronto
July 2018:  In the Spirit of Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven,
                   Perivale Gallery, Manitoulin island.
October and November 2018:  Be Emptier, solo exhibition
                   World of Threads Festival, Oakville Ontario

available for purchase: please contact the David Kaye Gallery

Thursday, May 10, 2018

love meditations

Love Yourself
2018    cotton, stitch, mounted on linen, framed behind glass
48.5 cm h x 48.5 cm w  (19 inches square)

I will always carry you
indigo dye, silk, cotton, stitch, mounted on linen, framed behind glass
48.5 cm h x 48.5 cm w (19" square)

Growing is what Life is For
hand made paper, type writer ink, stitch, mounted on linen, framed behind glass
48.5 cm h x 48.5 cm w  (19" square)
Your Vulnerability Connects you to the Rest of Our Suffering World
antique shattered silk, stitch, mounted on linen, framed behind glass
48.5 cm x 48.5 cm   (19" square)

2018   All four of the Love Meditations
          the Perivale Gallery, Manitoulin Island during the summer season

2018  Love Yourself and Your Vulnerability Connects You
          The David Kaye Gallery, Toronto 

Thursday, March 8, 2018

my open heart

My Open Heart  2017
58 inches wide by 48.5 inches high or 147 cm x 123 cm
wool with plant dyed silk, silk and wool threads, hand stitched
The circle in a square represents the inner self.  (Carl Jung)

Be sparser

Be emptier
I use a lengthy amount of time and touch

they are gifts for my viewer


The Cloud in Me,  David Kaye Gallery Toronto Ontario, solo exhibition October 2017
Be Emptier, World of Threads Festival, Oakville Ontario, solo exhibition Oct-Nov 25 2018

available for purchase: contact David Kaye

Monday, January 22, 2018

The Cloud In Me

The Cloud In Me
2017  organic cotton and woman's handkerchief, silk and silk-velvet reverse applique, couching and stem stitch embroidery with silk thread, hand quilted with cotton thread, bamboo batt, linen backing
60" high and 69" wide

Exhibition record:

solo exhibition the Cloud In Me at the David Kaye gallery in Toronto, month of October 2017
solo exhibition be emptier at the World of Threads Festival, Oakville Ontario, Oct 13 - Nove 25 2018

available for purchase: please contact David Kaye

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Earth and Air

Earth and Air   2017  plant dyed wool, linen damask, machine and hand constructed, hand stitched
94 inches high x 82 inches wide  (238 cm h x 208 cm w) 

Exhibition record;

a key piece for Judy's solo exhibition "The Cloud In Me" at David Kaye Gallery in the Queen West area of Toronto, month of Ocrtober 2017.
included in Fibreworks at the  Queen Square Gallery in Cambridge, Ontario, until November 4 2018

Earth and Air is available for purchase: contact David Kaye Gallery.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Basic Goodness

 Basic Goodness
stitch resisted cotton, procion dye, silk and cotton threads
hand stitched

36 inches high x 35.5 inches wide or 92 cm h x 90 cm w
Exhibition record:

Basic Goodness is one of the seven new pieces created for Judy Martin's solo exhibition in October 2017 at the David Kaye Gallery, Toronto.
It is now in private collection.

Click on The Cloud In  Me, to see images and descriptions of the entire exhibition.
October 5 -29  2017  David Kaye Gallery, Toronto